• Another cheap macro setup

    I finally got around to deglassing a Takumar 2X teleconverter (needed nothing more than a paper clip!), and so had a chance to test with a A50/2.0 lens for some macro shots. At this combination at closest focus the magnification is about 0.65X. I wondered whether this lens would be good enough once stopped down …

  • Things that shouldn’t work

    Take a 3X teleconverter which makes you lose three stops of light, stop down to f/22 (so you are now shooting at f/64) and add in the onboard flash which tends to blind everything in sight. Shouldn’t work – but sometimes a few bad ideas make for a passable image or two.

  • Super Telephoto on the Cheap

    These images were taken with a 70-210 zoom lens fixed at 210, coupled to a 3x teleconverter. Not the sharpest way to get to 630 mm, but about the cheapest you’ll find.